Top 5 Silver Jewelry Trends for the Summer

Top 5 Silver Jewelry Trends for the Summer

Summer is a time to take out your flowy, flowery dresses, short shirts, and crop tops.

And what better way to accessorize your summer style than with the trendy beauty of Silver jewelry?

Silver jewelry has an understated elegance that can turn a simple summer look into fabulous in just a few seconds.

Silver jewelry is also versatile. From classic pieces to bold statement-making designs, you can always find jewelry to match any kind of outfit. 

But to ensure that you stay on trend during summer, here are the five Silver jewelry styles that will turn heads as they make you look good.

1. Enamel Accents 

Enamel accents add colourful and bold details to your Silver jewelry. These accents are layers of powdered glass fused to your Silver jewelry at a high temperature. 

The result is a smooth glossy finish that can be of different colours and patterns. And you can add enamel accents to almost any Silver jewelry, be it studs, hoops, bangles or pendants.

Here are more examples of enamel accents on silver jewelry.

2. Statement Necklace 

Silver necklaces designed to make a statement are bold and eye-catching that help add a touch of personality to any summer outfit. These pieces are for the bold fashionistas who love drawing attention to their neck area.

Also, these statement pieces use attention-grabbing details like bright colours, intricate designs or unique pendants.

Example of an exquisite silver statement necklace from Thailand here.

3. Mix and Match Bracelets

Another summer trend going well with the Silver jewelry is mix and matching bracelets.

What do we mean by this? As the name suggests, it involves wearing bracelets of different styles, colours and textures to create a layered effect thus drawing attention to the wrist and hand.

But if you are new to the mix-and-match style, we recommend you mix bracelets of different textures and sizes. 

Why? It makes it possible for each Silver bracelet to stand out on its own while creating visually appealing interest.

4. Links & Loops

Links and loops are common with Silver jewelry. This is because Silver is a soft and malleable metal easily moulded and shaped into intricate designs. 

Therefore, designing continuous bands or interconnected loops and links is easy.

However, you should always consider the weight and size of your jewelry. Heavy or bulky jewelry can be uncomfortable during the summer, especially if you spend your time outdoors.


5. Silver Choker

A Silver choker is a necklace that fits your neck like a glove, not too tight or loose. This necklace sits above the collarbone and comes in various shapes and designs.

You can have a choker with enamel accents, as a statement necklace, or together with mix-and-match bracelets while wearing some adorable links or loops.

And that's not all, as you can also do a layered Silver choker style. This features multiple Silver choker necklaces that add a bohemian and chic vibe to an outfit.

Taking Care of Silver Jewelry During Summer 

Silver jewelry requires a lot of TLC because it can be easily scratched, tarnished and react with chemicals.

So here are a few tips and tricks you can use to ensure your Silver jewelry serves you longer, as shown in the table below.




Do not expose the Silver jewelry to water or any harsh chemicals. 

These elements cause the jewelry to fade or chip. 

So whatever you're up to during the summer, ensure you take off the jewelry before hiking, surfing, or diving.


Store your Silver jewelry in a cool dry place, to avoid oxidation and moisture buildup.

Wrap the jewelry in a soft cloth or table tissues to prevent dings or scratches.


Clean your Silver jewelry with a soft non-abrasive cloth to remove dirt or oil buildup and bring back the shine on your gems.


If you notice cracks or chips, take the jewelry to a professional for repair. 

Do not try to repair it yourself, as it requires specialized tools and skills to fix Silver jewelry without damaging it further.

Purchase Trendy Silver Jewelry from Thailand 

Wearing Silver jewelry makes you stay on trend during summer. But purchasing Thai-made jewelry from Exquisite Thailand shows you value ethical and sustainable fashion practices.

Also, Silver jewelry from Thailand lets you express your style with unique and handcrafted pieces while supporting a socially responsible business. 

And with the top five summer Silver jewelry trends in kind, you will surely find some gems that align with your personality.

For these reasons, contact us today to purchase Thai-made Silver jewelry that will have you rocking the summer in trendy styles.

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