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Lapis Lazuli and Silver Sugar Cube Beads Necklace

Lapis Lazuli and Silver Sugar Cube Beads Necklace

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This elegant handmade necklace is composed of beautiful dark blue lapis lazuli beads, combined with small silver sugar-cube shape beads placed randomly along the necklace string in asymmetrical way. It closes with a simple handmade silver hook and added chain allows for a slight size adjustment.

The lapis and silver beads contrast beautifully and has long been a favorite combination of materials in jewelry making. Lapis lazuli stone has been valued in many ancient cultures and is a universal symbol of wisdom, friendship and truth.

It is a very simple yet elegant necklace, easily worn for any occasion.

By purchasing this product, you contribute directly to maintain and support local arts and crafts in Thailand.

Length: 55 cm.

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