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One of a Kind Hand Crafted Thai Naga Wall Art

One of a Kind Hand Crafted Thai Naga Wall Art

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We are very please to offer this series of totally unique, one of a kind hand made piece of Thai art.

The piece depicts a combination of traditional Thai themes with western erotica. The image shows a lady sitting on a Naga that is hidden among Boonnak flower buds under the partial moon and stars. The Naga appears to be swimming in the pond of lotuses"  

The Naga is a mythical serpent highly revered in Thai culture. Most Buddhist temples in the north and northeast are decorated with Naga depictions, often standing guard as symbols of protection. Boonnak flowers are associated with the Naga. The Naga head isn't shown and hidden among Boonnak buds because the maker is trying to avoid criticism from traditionalist values. 

Manufactured at the Silver Temple in Chiang Mai Thailand. 

Size is 17.25" x 20.5"

We have it mounted in a simple black wooden frame, ready to be hung on your wall, but well worth adding a custom frame to personalize it to your décor. 

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