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Soul-Lock Amulet Handmade Karen Silver Necklace

Soul-Lock Amulet Handmade Karen Silver Necklace

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The chain of this handmade necklace is made of handmade barrel-shape beads, that are attached to the hooks of a handmade silver pendant, also known as the human spirit soul-lock.
This amulet is used in several Asian cultures, such as the hill tribes of the Golden Triangle Region around the Mekong River, to protect the person wearing it from bad spirits and to ward off evil. Amulets can be worn by babies, children, men and women as necklaces. It features a tribal design reflective of Hmong, Miao and Karen hill tribes of southeast Asia.
It closes with a simple handmade double-s silver hook, typical of local hill-tribe people.

Length of the necklace (without the pendant): 50 cm, size of the pendant 3 x 2.5 cm

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